Malaysia Education Systems

Malaysia Education (schooling) System is divided mainly into 5 stages consists of:-

(a) Pre-School Education 

  • Education programme for pupils of 4-6 years of age

(b) Primary Education

  • The course of study at the primary level planned for a duration of six years but may be completed in five to seven years;
  • It consists of national schools or national-type schools, and private schools

(c) Secondary Education

  • Consists of lower secondary education and upper secondary education
  • Secondary education that is available consists of:

    1. academic schools
    2. technical and vocational schools
    3. religious national schools
    4. Special Education Schools
    5. Sports schools
    6. private schools

(d) Post-Secondary Education

  • Education that is provided for individuals who have completed lower and upper secondary education, but excludes higher education.

(e) Higher Education

  • Universities, College Universities and Colleges.