Sipadan, Mabul & Tioman: Paradises for Divers in Malaysia

Sipadan, Mabul & Tioman: Paradises for Divers in Malaysia

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: Diving Malaysia trip provides you so many options that you do not go empty handed on coming to Malaysia at any moment in the year. Sipadan Island, Mabul Island and Tioman Island are three major diving sites in Malaysia which are wooing a large number of tourists & divers from every part of the world.

If you wish to see the land of natural splendor then Malaysia can unquestionably be proved one of the perfect destinations for you to visit. The word ‘nature’ not only represents the wildlife and plantation, but it also refers to marine life that you can see underneath the water. Malaysia has gained perfection in this aspect also, and the tourists can observe carol reefs, various species of fishes, manta rays and many more, beneath the waters of Malaysia. For observing this paradise of fairytales, you need to go for diving Malaysia trip which is offered by several tour operators and diving operators many of whom are available on internet.

There are a large number of diving destinations available in Malaysia, among which Sipadan Island, Mabul Island and Tioman Island have gained a huge popularity. Sipadan Island has made the nation a number one diving destination throughout the world. Mabul Island, Tioman Island and other diving destinations of Malaysia also played a good role in capturing the nerve of the diving tourists. You can know some brief about Sipadan, Mabul and Tioman in the passages given below:

Sipadan IslandPalau Sipadan is a little oceanic island where a large number of diving tourists come to have fun. This is the island in which you can dive all year round. Therefore, you can make you plan for diving Malaysia trip to Sipadan anytime as per your convenience. But, if you wish to go there in the best season then you are required to dive in Sipadan in the months of July and August. Other months in the period of April to December are also brilliant for diving. January, February and March are the months when you find unsettled weather in the island. The marine creatures which you can observe in Palau Sipadan include turtles, 3000 species of fishes, etc. Sipadan Island is located in the eastern side of Sabah Territory in Malaysia.

Mabul IslandMabul Island can be counted as another wonderful destination to dive in Malaysia. It is also situated in Sabah territory, and is just 20-25 minutes away from Sipadan (located in north of Sipadan) if you go through boat. Mabul has been recognized as one of the best macro diving sites by the international community. Plenty of macro world inhabitants can be found in Mabul which are rare in other diving sites.

Tioman IslandTioman is the small island that is located 32 kilometers off east coast peninsular Malaysia in the state named Pahang. It also bosats of diverse marine life with brilliant diving options.

Other diving sitesBesides, during your diving Malaysia trip, you can visit many more diving spots such as Layang Layang, Kapalai, Lankayan and many others. The diving options in Malaysia are so many that you can plan your trip to Malaysia for diving in any part of the year.

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