3 Great Places To Visit In Malaysia

3 Great Places To Visit In Malaysia

Article by Thom Sanders

In terms of variety, Malaysia is one of the best places you could visit if you are looking for a holiday with a difference. A land of great diversity, it seems deliberately and neatly divided into one area of traditional cultural and modern tourist delights, and another area of deep, unspoilt rainforest and jungle. Malaysia is a country of endless sources of enjoyment, but we have compiled a short list of sights and attractions that you should consider visiting if you make a trip to what is perhaps Southeast Asia’s finest destination.

1) Kota Bharu is arguably Malaysia’s most culturally rich city. Known for the friendliness of the local people and the way it effortlessly blends the old with the new, Kota Bharu should definitely be visited. As well as the vibrant local markets, sights include the Istana Batu, which was built as the crown prince’s palace in 1939. Although the building is relatively modern in architectural terms, it is well worth exploring, with much of the royal’s own possessions – including fine china, furniture and an intriguing collection of ornate hats – still on display.

2) Sarawak, situated on the Malaysian island of Borneo, is full of hugely evocative jungles and rivers, and offers a great opportunity to see some of the country’s famously beautiful scenery. The Bako and Kubah National Parks are two examples of easily accessible, visitor friendly and simply stunning natural landscape. There will plenty of chances for you to make the most of the trekking and walking trails available, which lead you through scenes of forested sandstone hills, waterfalls, and wild palm trees. Traditional tribal communities still live within the unspoilt rainforest, and visiting Sarawak is surely the best chance you will have to experience their way of life.

3) Finally, no trip to Malaysia would be complete without a visit to its capital, Kuala Lumpur. Although it is the country’s most advanced place, with skyscrapers filling the city, it has managed to retain a certain uniqueness and a definite sense of diversity. Kuala Lumpur was developed by a host of settlers, from countries like China, India and Britain. The mark that each of these has left on the city’s culture and architecture is plain for all to see. A pulsating nightlife exists alongside inspirational Hindu and Chinese Buddhist temples and the splendour of the Islamic Arts Museum, which creates a rich cultural mix that really has to be experienced.

Malaysia is a beautiful country and a very attractive holiday destination, partly because it is probably the safest of its kind in Southeast Asia. With traditional culture and wild scenery both available in a friendly and secure place, Malaysia is one place you should definitely not miss out on.

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For more great information, photos and video about Malaysia, see PleaseTakeMeTo’s Malaysia Travel Guide – www.pleasetakemeto.com Malaysia is situated just north of the Equator, between Thailand and Singapore. Malaysia is a federation of 13 states, with 11 on the Malaysian Peninsula and two on the island of Borneo. With a population of just over 27 million people, a low cost of living and a year-round tropical climate, Malaysia remains a favorite destination for travellers the world over. Malaysia is a nation rich in diversities. One of the first places you’ll notice this diversity is in the smiling faces of those waiting to great you. Malaysia is truly a racial melting pot, where Malay, Indian, Chinese and smaller ethnic groups live together in respectful harmony. Malaysia’s diverse cultural heritage adds spice and colour to every aspect of life here, from religions and festivals to culinary traditions and architecture. The national language is Malay, but English is widely-spoken, making it a breeze for travellers to find their way around and to get to know the locals. Malaysia is also a country of awe-inspiring geographical diversity. Looking for unspoiled beaches and clear tropical waters? In Malaysia, some of the world’s most pristine islands and marine habitats await you. Feel the need to rise above the mundane everyday world? Come, let your spirit soar among highland hideaways and mist-shrouded mountains. Longing for a little adventure? Explore some of the Earth’s