It is indeed tough to decide which places to visit in 1borneo

It is indeed tough to decide which places to visit in 1borneo

Article by Johan Andressen

It is indeed tough to decide which places to visit in 1borneo – Travel – Hotels and Lodging

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The city of Kota Kinabalu is the capital of Malaysian state of Sabah and offers an amazing view of the South China Sea. If you are looking for some of the best Malaysian experiences in shopping, dining, nightlife and other activities, this city is the place to be in. Whether you wish to buy antiques, handicrafts, trinkets, souvenirs, clothing, footwear or jewellery, the city will certainly fulfil all your shopping desires.

The place is so full of shopping complexes, malls and bazaars that you would probably have a tough time trying to figure out where to start. Maybe you can start by dropping by at 1Borneo. Then again, it might be tough just to decide upon which places to visit in 1borneo. 1 Borneo is Sabah’s Largest Shopping Mall, and Kota Kinabalu’s biggest attraction for shoppers. It is a spa, handicraft, bowling centre, and amusement centre all rolled into one and boasts of a number of shopping outlets, leisure activities and dining outlets and features a bank while also housing a number of hotels. Phew! So then how does one decide which places to visit in 1borneo?

1 Borneo has a strategy of differentiation by positioning itself as a lifestyle destination. Thus, you would find many premium brand outlets at 1 Borneo such as Nike, Addidas, Reebok, Espirit, Toys R Us and various other international brands. You would also find concept stores such as Daiso, the Japanese concept 5 Ringgit store with their interesting merchandise. Other shopping attractions would include the Giant hypermarket; the giant electronics store Sen Heng, other jewellery stores and some really expensive brand outlets of watches. Adding an ethnic twist to the tale are the Chinatown and the local Handicraft Bazaar.

The megamall also boasts of the Golden Screen Cinema, a bowling alley, an arcade centre and an amusement ride. Then there are fashion shows and conventions organized from time to time and popular recording artists, actors, DJs and local models make their appearance from time to time to add a tinge of glamour to the place. And with the soon to be opened 1 Borneo SeaWorld constantly in the news, in the near future this megamall would most likely figure in your list of the best places to visit in Malaysia for shopping and entertainment.

While the local administration has made a conscious effort to convert 1 Borneo into a shopping and amusement destination, there are other places in Malaysia that are positioned slightly differently. One such place is the state of Selangor. As you check out the places to visit in selangor, you would realize that while shopping and amusement is indeed one of the underlying themes of tourism in this part of the world, the positioning of the place primarily centres around legends, tradition, culture and history. Take Batu Caves for example. Batu Caves is among the most prominent places of tourist interest in the state. There are primarily three caves carved out of a limestone hill with the caves featuring various statues and idols of Hindu deities. There goes a famous legend that the caves are nearly 400 million years old.

Whatever be your allure- culture, tradition, shopping or lifestyle, Malaysia would continue to be one of the most exotic travel destinations in Asia. Apart from those destinations mentioned in travel guides, there are various other exotic locations in this country worthy of exploration.

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Johan Andressen

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