Tourist Attractions in Singapore – Popular Places to Visit in Singapore

Tourist Attractions in Singapore – Popular Places to Visit in Singapore

Article by Cheow Yu Yuan

If you are planning to go on a holidays, you should consider Singapore. Singapore is a country located in South East Asia, just south of Malaysia. It is a small city and has a population of around 4 millions. Singapore is not a typical Asian country as it has a very strong British influence which can be seen in everything from architecture to politics. It is also famous for many things, such as having the best airport in the whole world. Therefore, I strongly recommend that you visit Singapore for holidays.

Every year, Singapore attracts millions of tourists. Why is this so? There are many popular places to visit in Singapore and many tourists like what we have here. In this article, let me share with you some popular tourist attractions here.

1. The Night Safari. The Night Safari is located at the Singapore Zoo and is the first night safari in the world. It allows visitors to view a large number of nocturnal animals at night, in their natural settings. When you visit Night Safari, it feels like you are in a jungle. Singapore Zoo has over hundred species of animals for you to visit. If you intend to visit Night Safari, be sure to take note of the opening hours. It opens daily from 1930hour until midnight.

2. Sentosa Island. If you are a beach and sun lover, you cannot afford to miss out Sentosa. It is an offshore island of Singapore and it has been developed into a major tourist attraction. Recently, one of the biggest shopping centers in Singapore – Vivo City, was built there. You can do a little shopping and take a cable car from Vivo City to visit Sentosa. On Sentosa, you can find lots of famous resorts and hotels where you can stay over. There are a lot of activities that you can do at Sentosa, such as swimming, sun tanning, beach volleyballs, sight-seeing, dining, etc. It opens daily.

3. Jurong Bird Park. Many tourists love Jurong Bird Park for its stunning wildlife settings. You can find ten thousands species of birds in this bird park. If you would like to visit Jurong Bird Park, please note the opening hours: 0800hours – 1800hours.

I strongly recommend you to consider Singapore as your holiday destination. The nightlife of Singapore is also very good as most night spots open till the wee hours. See you around here!

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F1 Holidays on a Budget

F1 Holidays on a Budget

Article by Trav Sportsman

Known as the melting pot of cultures, Malaysia is known to be the place for someone who is looking for something new and exciting. It is a popular tourist destination for many risk-takers all around the world, at any time of the year. Indeed, a holiday in Malaysia would often spell as A-D-V-E-N-T-U-R-E.

And the kind of adventure that Malaysia offers is not simply limited to nature tripping or some kind of psychological adventure that could leave you at a daze as you explore and appreciate the arts and culture that Malaysia has to offer. It goes more than that. Malaysia, in fact, proudly hosts one of the prestigious and exciting F1 race in the whole world.

The Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix is slated on April and it is always advisable to book your flight and hotel early to celebrate the F1 holidays in this wonderful country. For many years, this race has always been known to be a blockbuster so it would pay if you would be such an early bird when it comes to arranging your fabulous F1 holidays.

The race normally take place in the 5.542 km Sepang Circuit in Selangor. Avid followers and fans of the F1 racing event knows for a fact that the Malaysian Grand Prix is one F1 racing event that you should watch because it is when the best Formula One drivers would lend a whole new experience and meaning as they bid to gain the pole position.

Deciding to visit Malaysia for an F1 holidays is indeed a very wise decision since aside from the race, it is also one of the best time of the year to explore the many sights and sounds that Malaysia has to offer. After the race, you could also take the opportunity to roam around the tourist attractions located in Selangor and beyond. The national zoo and the Selangor Tropical Fruits Garden are two of the best tourist destinations that you should not miss when you decided to go on an F1 holidays this 2011. If you also have the time, we also recommend that you visit the Blue Mosque which is known for the world?s tallest minarets. And while you are at it, you may also take time to savor the beauty and wonder that Malaysia?s popular Batu Caves has to offer.

Other tourist destinations that are must-see in Selangor are the Carey Island, the Royal Gallery and of course the High 5 Bread Town Museum. This museum is known to be as the first bread museum in Malaysia! Spending the F1 holidays is indeed very worth it and it would be all the more memorable if you would also take this chance to have a tour in Malaysia and experience what the so-called ?melting pot? of all cultures has to offer.

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Collect Some Memorable Holidaying Memories with Tourism in Malaysia

Collect Some Memorable Holidaying Memories with Tourism in Malaysia

Article by Vinay Tiwari

Home to innumerable attractions and magnificent destinations, Malaysia is one of the most sought after tourist destination located at Southeast Asian part of the country. It is one such country where tourism is the major contributor in economy as it always engaged with several tourist activities throughout the year. Whatever you are looking for, be it family vacations or either visiting with adventure purpose it perfectly knows how to make it possible in this country. A beautiful country in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is located partly on a peninsula of the Asian mainland and partly on the northern third of the island of Borneo.

It also shares a border with the ‘land of smiles’, Thailand, interlinked by a causeway and a bridge to the island state of Singapore. Popular with its glorious past, alluring culture, and magnificent sightseeing spots, it is a country like no other destinations in the world. It is gifted with such attractions and magnificent destinations whose significance is just beyond the words and visual delight. Once you visit to this country you will certainly find many reasons that why any one should choose it as their holidaying destination. With its exotic islands, pristine beaches, lush greenery, wildlife and amusement parks, magnificent colonial bungalows, exotic beach resorts, and ranges of floras and faunas it encourage tourists to visit there from different parts of the world, throughout the year.

Apart from there are many other things brings this country into limelight and enhances the popularity of Tourism in Malaysia such as its warm-friendly people, unique culture, great shopping, mouth-watering cuisine, plush five star hotels and throbbing night life. Due to its heart-gripping attractions and its proximity with world-renowned destinations like Singapore and Thailand, it has become very popular among overseas visitors.

Besides it multifaceted attractions and amazing destinations if is there any thing that draw the attention of tourists then its alluring culture, which is truly worth to experience. Due to people with different religions one cab find there a great diversity in culture. Cultures have been meeting and mixing in Malaysia since the very beginning of its history. Before fifteen hundred years ago a Malay kingdom in Bujang Valley welcomed traders from China and India. With the arrival of gold and silks, Buddhism and Hinduism also came to Malaysia. Culture in Malaysia is marked by different cultures, but many in particular have had especially lasting influence on the country.

Malaysia is home to the breathtaking attractions and destinations or in other words when it comes to the most stunning attractions then it leaves all the places behind. There are several attractions in this country and to explore all of them independently you will certainly required Malaysia Map. Some of the best attraction places of Malaysia are Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Genting Highland, Langkawi and many more.

It is not all about this stunning country but there are many other attractions that one can explore during visiting this country. Well if you have decided to visit this country and looking for affordable holiday packages then you can do contact with Malaysia travel agent.

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Excellent Historical Places in Malaysia

Excellent Historical Places in Malaysia

Article by Johan Andressen

Bintulu is a major industrial town with one of the worldâEUR(TM)s biggest single-site liquefied petroleum and gas production facilities in East Malaysia. The Similajau National Park is the number one tourist attraction here. This national park is a protected area and therefore, a permit is required from the park entrance before entering. Besides the national park is Taman Tumbina Bintulu, an integration of a mini zoo and botanical garden. Taman Tumbina is also attractive because of its location as it is in the central location in Bintulu. The walk-in hornbill aviary is the main highlight and is home to some species of exotic flora and fauna.

When we go for a holiday, we will need to look for a suitable and comfortable place to stay. Tune Hotel, which is in the central location in Bintulu, is one of the best options when searching for the right hotel. It is located at Assyakirin Commerce Square, nearby to Medan Jaya and Sing Kwong Supermarket. Guests can also sign up as their online member in their website. From time to time, special rates for online bookings are available. Therefore, make sure to keep tab on the latest news and do your bookings early to avoid missing out any good deals.

Most hotels in Malaysia are affordable and provide excellent facilities too. The capital city, namely Kuala Lumpur is in the central location in Malaysia. There are numerous tourist attractions, namely KLCC, PETRONAS Twin Tower, KL Tower, Chinatown, Genting Highlands, Putrajaya, several theme parks and so on. KLCC is a popular commercial area with the PETRONAS Twin Tower, Suria KLCC shopping mall, a park, a 5-star hotel and prime office blocks.. In addition, there is a Tune hotel in downtown Kuala Lumpur. One of KLâEUR(TM)s hottest nightspots, Heritage Row, is just nearby. The hotel is within easy access, whether by road or rail. Air travellers can take the express train to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and it takes just 28 minutes to reach there.

Besides the many attractions in Peninsular Malaysia, Kuching has its fair share of attractive places to visit as well. The Kuching Waterfront runs parallel to the Sarawak River. It is sandwiched between the Sarawak River and Main Bazaar, a place packed with shops selling souvenirs, food, and arts and crafts. The central location in Waterfront Kuching is full of charm and enchanting natural beauty. In its wide and long walkways are numerous carts selling local handicrafts, souvenir items and kiosks selling local food and beverages too. A modern esplanade, the Kuching Waterfront is the main attraction during evenings.

Many types of accommodation for tourists are available in Kuching. Most choose according to their budget, the venue and their travel needs, whether for own self or other travelling members. Highly affordable comfortable hotels in central location in Waterfront Kuching make exploring this town a rewarding experience. Tune Hotel at Waterfront Kuching is one of them. The idea of chain hotels can be helpful when planning for a holiday. Sometimes, a good location of a local budget hotel might cater to your needs than at a five star hotel. Furthermore, the rooms will be expensive and you might be paying for some extra services that you do not need. In conclusion, it will be good to have this hotel in mind,along with other budget planning ideas, when you travel next time.

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Malaysia Tour Information Guide

Malaysia Tour Information Guide

Article by Priya Singh

Malaysia is one of Southeast Asia?s peak travel destinations, possessing a continuous range of attractions and activities that cater for the several remarkable cities, an exclusive cultural mix, a string of cool hill resorts, the world?s oldest rainforest and even Southeast Asia?s highest mountain. Add to this a pleasant fusion. The Malayan peninsula is the historic home of the Malay people, today?s heart and the population center of the dynamic modern nation. East Malaysia claims the northern edge of the huge, wild island of Borneo. Enjoy some of the best tour packages we have to offer that will bring you on a journey to experience Malaysia in all its cultural richness and natural splendour. Ethnically and culturally, Malaysia is a fundamentally Malay country overlaid with Chinese, Indian and British influences, and possessing several indigenous tribal peoples such as the Iban, Penan and Negrito. East Malaysia also boasts beach resorts such as at Damai, near Kuching, with its brilliant white sands and the Sarawak Cultural Village?a museum of Sarawak?s ethnic cultures. The real highlight, however, comes from diving in the waters off Labuan Island, famous for underwater shipwrecks, and Sipadan Island, in the state of Sabah. Showcasing the very best of Malaysia tour packages ensure that your holiday plans remain simple, easy and hassle free. Choose from our extensive range of packages designed for a variety of interests and budgets, or customize your own ideal holiday with our tour experts. Divided into Peninsular Malaysia in the West and East Malaysia, part of the Borneo archipelago, the country will allure you with the shopping experience of its modern cities, the splendor of its cultural arts and natural heritage of rich flora and fauna! You can take a trip to the beautiful island of Langkawi for mythical exploration, conquer the highest mountain in Southeast Asia with the help of a guide or take a view of Kula Lumper City from the sky! In addition, enjoy our special spa packages and airport transfer services available for a few locations.

Kuala Lumpur is famous for shopping destination with a broad range of shopping centers and mega malls which carry well-known universal and limited brands. Major Tourist destinations include the House of Parliament, Kuala Lumpur Tower, Putra World Trade Centre, Dataran Merdeka, Tugu Negara, Istana Negara, and Istana Budaya, mosque such as the Masjid Negara and the Federal Territory Mosque, and other tourist attractions including Aquaria KLCC.National Science Centre, Zoo Negara, Batu Caves, and Thean Hou Temple. The Golden Triangle, the commercial hub of the city, contains the Patrons Twin Towers and has a distinctive nightlife. Trendy nightclubs, bars and lounges, such as Hard Rock Cafe, Zouk and Thai Club are also the major tourist attraction. On your Malaysia tours visit Kuala Lumpur, Genting Highland, Penang, Lankawi, etc which are not only blessed with natural splendor but modern architectural magnificence.One can get all kind of food like Indian, Chinese and Malay in Kuala lumpur but noodles fulfill the role of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack.How can one miss the sweets some famous sweets are Kuih (a generic word used for cakes and pastries) Ondeh-ondeh. These are little balls of pandan leaf-flavoured glutinous rice flour, filled with gula melaka (boiled coconut palm sap) and rolled in grated coconut.

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Flights to Malaysia and colorful beginning of a new life in Malaysia

Flights to Malaysia and colorful beginning of a new life in Malaysia

Article by Humza

With many of inspirations like highland and lowland jungles, beautiful beaches and excellent scuba-diving opportunities, Malaysia has been one of the most inspiring countries of the world. This marvelous country is also a home to incredible, striking and gorgeous honey moon places. If you are newly married, you must book your flight to Malaysia and give a surprise by taking your partner to this exotic location by forgetting all worries and work behind and give each other full time to develop a better understanding. Flights to Malaysia are ideal for those people who adore natural beauty. The jungle and the mountain peaks grab hold of your heart in a little while and you will definitely lose all your troubles and depression while stopping over to the interesting places here. You will certainly feel that the natural splendor and the awesome sceneries make your Malaysia honeymoon a superb experience. So don’t wait for anything, pick up your phone and reserve Malaysia flights from UK with us. Many tremendous places are The Bako National Park in Malaysia, The Crocker Range Park, The Pantai Pasir Hitam beach and the Pantai Batu Kerikil beach.

Malaysia is multi ethnic, multi lingual and multi cultural country. Kuala Lumpur, penang, kota Kinabalu, Langkawi, Ipoh, Kuching, genting highlands are few known places of Malaysia. It also presents a variety of famed and very fascinating options for lodging and accommodations to the tourists who want to have their flights to Malaysia. Few lodging options are:

Berjaya Tioman Resort:It is a exquisite resort on a beautiful island offering outstanding facilities and stylish accommodation in an peaceful atmosphere comprises of silver sandy beaches, clean waters, leaning palm trees and luxuriant greeneries.

Berjaya Redang Resort:It is sited on Redang Island. With colorful aquatic variety and corals inhabit in the waters, it is making a wonderful island entrance to join the sun, sea and sand together.

Mahkota Hotel Malacca:It is a 3 star hotel providing entire expediency to fulfill the leisure and lodging needs of its guests.

Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu:It is situated in the city of Sabah and giving an easy access to local fascination and shopping and amusement facilities.

Hotel Equatorial Malacca:It is a 5-star global business-class hotel and famous for its exclusive variety of warm hospitality.

Swiss Garden Resort & Spa Kuantan:It is a best world class resort with its splendid dining choices, lavish guests rooms and luxurious suuroundings.

Moreover Century Pines Resort, Nexus Resort & Spa Karambunai, Holiday Inn Melaka and Renaissance Hotel Malacca are also very popular. I thing all this enough to inspire you to book your flights to Malaysia.

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Karlsson and Druh Belts and Buckles Enjoy End-Of Season Celebration at Jumeirah Golf Estates

Karlsson and Druh Belts and Buckles Enjoy End-Of Season Celebration at Jumeirah Golf Estates

Article by Abigail

November 2010: Robert Karlsson and Druh Belts & Buckles are enjoying an end-of-season celebration following the Swede’s victory in the Dubai World Championship at the Jumeirah Golf Estates on Sunday (November 28).

The Druh ambassador overcame England’s Ian Poulter at the second hole of a sudden-death playoff to win the final event on the 2010 European Tour, bringing him his second title of the year in the Middle East. The 2008 European number one won the Qatar Masters at the start of the year.

Three behind overnight, Karlsson birdied the first two holes of his round and then sank an eight iron on the third for an eagle two and ended up tied on 274, 14 under, with the in-form Poulter who won last week in Hong Kong.

“It was a strange day to say the least. To start birdie-birdie-eagle is not what you expect to happen when you are three behind,” said Karlsson who chose an oval white enamel ‘db’ buckle with a silver snakeskin belt to complement his red and white outfit on the final day.

Karlsson’s victory in February this year in Qatar appears to be have sparked a rash of victories in 2010 for pros wearing Druh; Denmark’s Thomas Bjorn won the Golf Estoril Open de Portugal in June, Sophie Gustafson secured the Ladies Irish Open in August, England’s Gary Wolstenholme recorded a wire-to-wire victory in September at the Casa Serena Open and South Korean Jimin Kang took the Sime Darby LPGA Malaysia title in October.

Little surprise then that Druh is known as the ‘Choice of Champions’.

The 41-year-old, known for his quirky, yet stylish golf gear, has been wearing Druh belts whilst playing on the European Tour for over a year now and acts as an official ambassador for this unique range of stylish belts and buckles.

Alongside Karlsson, three-time Ryder Cup winner, multiple champion on The European Tour and captain of the winning Great Britain and Ireland team for the 2009 Vivendi Trophy, Paul McGinley, is also Druh Belts & Buckles ambassador. Englishman Ross McGowan also favours Druh Belts and was wearing one from his collection when he won his first ever European Tour title, the 2009 Madrid Masters.

Druh Belts & Buckles offer the discerning golfer a selection of stylish handmade leather and snakeskin belts in sumptuous classic and chic casual styles and have quickly become the golf professionals’ style secret. The Druh leather belt range is handmade in ten water snakeskins, ranging from turquoise to pink and 15 leathers in different embossed styles, from crocodile to ostrich effect. Each belt purchased comes with your choice of Druh buckles and a standard Druh buckle that is interchangeable. The buckles are produced in brushed nickel, polished silver or gold with some featuring diamante and enamel inserts.

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Interesting and Alluring Tourism Attractions to visit during Malaysia Tours

Interesting and Alluring Tourism Attractions to visit during Malaysia Tours

Article by Sonu Yadav

Malaysia acclaimed to be one of the finest touring destination of southeast Asia has accretion the all-embracing acceptance for its alarming beatific adorable like ambient set altogether amidst the dejected seas of the world. It is one of the best anytime existed anniversary retreat centermost of the world. Tourism has abundantly flourished in the country and is proceeding to advance the world’s most alluring destinations of the world. Malaysia’s affluent cultural heritage is apparent. Besides this, Malaysia boasts of accomplished beaches with bright clear waters, the world’s oldest close rainforest, amazing cavern systems and the tallest accompanying building in the world.

This beautiful country is truly the most wonderful and astounding truly the amazing and is speckled with wonderful hotels which truly provide the vacationers wonderful stay. The hotels and resorts which truly elate the vacationers with all its facilities and all the services easily tempt the tourist to visit this country again and again. Some of the major tourist attractions and destinations which truly are very worth to visit and explore with any Tours to Malaysia, are listed below:

PenangMostly busy by Chinese community, travelers could acquisition aroma and temples everywhere in Penang. The ‘must-do” items includes visiting the Kek Lok Si temple, Penang Hill, Snake Temple, aggravating out abounding varieties of our bounded Penang foods, sightseeing apple ancestry architectures, sun-bathing at the admirable Batu Ferringhi bank as able-bodied as exploring the ‘spicy’ little Indian street.

Kuala LumpurThe abode provides anesthetic entertainments for which it is acquiescently and this capital city of Malaysia is also called as city of entertainment. There are lots of opportunities even for kids and aged humans to acquaintance the admirable action of vacation trip. More than 15 millions of humans accumulate for anniversary brawl about every year. Swimming and baptize sports forth with abyssal appearance in the abyssal parks are some of the absurd fun ample atom meant for kids and added day-tripper visitors. This capital city of the Malaysia is also the youngest city in the entire Asia and truly is very worth to visit and explore with any Malaysia Holiday Packages.

LangkawiIt is as well one of the lot of approved afterwards travel destination of Malaysia. The abode is mostly dotted with aboriginal beaches enticingly busy with acceptable attic copse area affluent abyssal attractions are found. Langkawi embrace ecotourism and makes it ambrosial anniversary hub of the world. Kedah acceptable house, Kuah boondocks and Gunung Raya are some of the boastful sightseeing attractions of this place. The beaches easily will allure the vacationers from all over the globe and offers romantic and delightful vacation throughout the year.

Beside these there numerous tourist attractions and destinations such as Melaka, Putrajaya, Genting Highland, Sarawak and Sabah and Taman Negara absolutely are sheer wonders and truly will overcast a magical spell on your visit to Malaysia. Thus customize a tailor made Malaysia Tour Packages from any leading Malaysia tour operator and enjoy the most delightful and unique experience throughout the year.

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Kuala Lumpur Travel Guide

Kuala Lumpur Travel Guide

Article by Malaysia Travel Plan

Kuala Lumpur is a wonderful city that can truly be described as a melting pot. The mixture of Malay, Indian and Chinese inhabitants have helped to shape this vibrant, modern city.

The iconic Petronas Towers are a pulling point for many travelers and they really are pretty impressive. Up until 1998, these towers were the tallest building in the world and this is definitely something that the Malaysian people are proud of. Although it isn’t possible to go right to the top, you can buy a ticket for the observation bridge which connects the two towers. Make sure you get there early as you will need to queue up in order to get one of the limited places in the lift. At the foot of the towers there is a big shopping center with designer boutiques, restaurants and a museum about petroleum (Petronas is a petroleum company). It also has a food hall which serves a huge array of different cuisines, from traditional Malay curry, to Korean cuisine, to MacDonald’s! Another great attraction is China Town. This bustling area in central Kuala Lumpur is definitely the place to go if you are after a bargain. The night market on Petaling Street is brimming with stalls and shops where you can practice your skills in haggling with vendors offering everything from knock-off designer watches to herbal remedies for impotence. It’s also a great place to sample the local fruit produce and the cheap food stalls here are a great hit with travelers and locals alike.

If you feel like going on an adventure out of the centre of Kuala Lumpur, you can hop on a local bus bound for the Batu Caves. Located up an impressive 272 steps, the Bau Caves are a magnificent series of caves formed out of limestone 400 million years ago. The main temple cave has a 300ft high ceiling and is filled with religious sculptures, along with a scary looking snake for you to pose for a photo with! At the foot of the steps there are a handful of souvenir shops and great cafes where you can tuck into a tasty curry before catching a bus back to central Kuala Lumpur.

For more information about travelling to Kuala Lumpur, take a look at Malaysia Travel Plan. We’ll help you build your own Malaysia and Borneo adventure

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Discover Malaysia and Its Breathtaking Attractions

Discover Malaysia and Its Breathtaking Attractions

Article by Kumarpyasa

<div style=”text-align:justify;”>Malaysia is undoubtedly world’s best tourist destination fascinates great number of tourists from across the world all the year round. Yearly thousands of backpackers go there to enjoy all the great cities, islands and attractions. This exotic country of Southeast Asia was actually founded in 1957 and has developed very fast from then on. It really doesn’t even matter where your interests lie, Malaysia is enough capable to makes every one dream comes true. This country consists of two parts: Peninsular Malaysia positioned between Thailand and Singapore and the province Sabah and Sarawak, located on the island Borneo. There are so many attractions and destinations in Malaysia having great features named as Kuala Lumpur, Georgetown, Penang, Langkawi and many more. From stunning jungles, to thick forests, from rafting to hiking, from diving to shopping, every thing is here possible.

All things make Malaysia finest tourist destinations in the planet. Apart from the attractions there are many other things which give Malaysia tourism an international recognition such as mouth-watering cuisine, excellent hotels and warm and hospitable people with smiling face all the year round. Apart from the attractions if there is any thing which really fascinate tourists most then its fascinating culture filled with various festivals and events.

It’s not all about Malaysia but there are so many reasons why any one should choose Malaysia as holidaying destination. It is one such country which is filled with full of attractions and destinations and there is not any dearth of enjoyment any more. Here we are presenting the top visited Malaysia travel places to you.

Kuala Lumpur: Home to innumerable attractions and destinations Kuala Lumpur is the vibrant capital city of Malaysia depicts the unique blend of the cultures of several communities including Malays, South Indians, Chinese, Indonesians, East Malaysian ethnic groups. The food, festivals, music, art and fashion of each community and their influence on other communities bring out really an exciting and charming environment. There are so many attractions around Kuala Lumpur named as Petronas Twin Towers, Menara, Merdeka Square, KL Railway Station, Kuala Lumpur Lake Gardens, Petaling Street and Central Market, National Palace, Batu Caves and many more.

Cameron Highlands: Situated at an altitude of 1,500 meters above Sea level, Cameron Highlands has always been many Malaysian and Singaporean retreat from the eternal summer of the tropics. If you really wish to spend your vacations away from scorching heat while admiring the breathtaking natural attractions including butterfly, strawberry, honey bee farms and sprawling tea plantations then must visit to Cameron Highlands.

Melacca: One of the major attractions in Malaysia, Melacca is a small, friendly city with both modern and historical sights to be seen in abundance. Malacca is basically categorized into two major sections: old or new. The older part of city lies within the Town Square and waterfront area near the river. The indication heritage trail helps visitors to see all the historical places in the old part of town. There are many other attractions and destinations that one can explore during visiting Malaysia and if you wish to explore all of them with relevant information then you can hire Malaysia tourism map which will certainly makes your journey memorable and unforgettable.

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