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F1 Holidays on a Budget

F1 Holidays on a Budget

Article by Trav Sportsman

Known as the melting pot of cultures, Malaysia is known to be the place for someone who is looking for something new and exciting. It is a popular tourist destination for many risk-takers all around the world, at any time of the year. Indeed, a holiday in Malaysia would often spell as A-D-V-E-N-T-U-R-E.

And the kind of adventure that Malaysia offers is not simply limited to nature tripping or some kind of psychological adventure that could leave you at a daze as you explore and appreciate the arts and culture that Malaysia has to offer. It goes more than that. Malaysia, in fact, proudly hosts one of the prestigious and exciting F1 race in the whole world.

The Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix is slated on April and it is always advisable to book your flight and hotel early to celebrate the F1 holidays in this wonderful country. For many years, this race has always been known to be a blockbuster so it would pay if you would be such an early bird when it comes to arranging your fabulous F1 holidays.

The race normally take place in the 5.542 km Sepang Circuit in Selangor. Avid followers and fans of the F1 racing event knows for a fact that the Malaysian Grand Prix is one F1 racing event that you should watch because it is when the best Formula One drivers would lend a whole new experience and meaning as they bid to gain the pole position.

Deciding to visit Malaysia for an F1 holidays is indeed a very wise decision since aside from the race, it is also one of the best time of the year to explore the many sights and sounds that Malaysia has to offer. After the race, you could also take the opportunity to roam around the tourist attractions located in Selangor and beyond. The national zoo and the Selangor Tropical Fruits Garden are two of the best tourist destinations that you should not miss when you decided to go on an F1 holidays this 2011. If you also have the time, we also recommend that you visit the Blue Mosque which is known for the world?s tallest minarets. And while you are at it, you may also take time to savor the beauty and wonder that Malaysia?s popular Batu Caves has to offer.

Other tourist destinations that are must-see in Selangor are the Carey Island, the Royal Gallery and of course the High 5 Bread Town Museum. This museum is known to be as the first bread museum in Malaysia! Spending the F1 holidays is indeed very worth it and it would be all the more memorable if you would also take this chance to have a tour in Malaysia and experience what the so-called ?melting pot? of all cultures has to offer.

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Malaysia Tourism Offering Your Memorable Holidays in Malaysia

Malaysia Tourism Offering Your Memorable Holidays in Malaysia

Are you planning for vacation in South East Asia? If your answer is yes, visit to Malaysia the most beautiful and demanding tourism destinations in South East Asia. Bedecked with fascinating beaches, alluring wildlife parks and sanctuaries, flittering sky-scrappers, bustling shopping malls, exotic and well maintained gardens, man- made attractions, theme parks, water fun parks, mesmerizing Islands, the enchanting charm and beauty of Malaysia Tourism attracts tourists from all the entire corner of the globe. Every year thousands of travelers, honeymooners, vacationers and holiday makers visit this exotic destination of Asia to enjoy holiday with family, friends and beloved in a delightful and memorable way.

Come to Malaysia for a vacation and you have wonderful opportunity to explore, see and visit some of the fantastic destination of the country. Below mentioned are some of the few most and must visit on Malaysia Trip.

Geogetown Located in the Panang Island in Southwest Coast of Malaysia Peninsula’s, Georgetown is one of the oldest British Settlement in the country. Having overvalued by the rich culture and tradtion as well as the vibrancy and aura of Chinese culture your visit to Georgetown will take you back to the era somewhat 50 years back. There are many enchanting attractions in the town among which vegetable markets, Chinese Houses, temple ceremonies, trishaws, mahjong games and various other attracts will never fail to impress you heart.

Cameron Highlands One of the most favored among the tourism destination in Malaysia is Cameron Highlands. Located amidst the Peninsular Malaysia, Cameron Highlands has a series of exotic hill stations and is one of the major centers of Malaysia’s Tea Industry. The natural expressions found here in the form of waterfalls, well organized tea bushes, green meadows with blossoming wildflowers, beautiful gardens, etc festooned Malaysia giving it a heavenly look. Surely tourists will get spell bind with the astounding beauty of the place.

Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur the vibrating and fascinating city is the capital city of Malaysia. Famously known as the Asian Tiger City, with the change of time and technology, it has changed itself to keep with the changing pace of the time. Today it is the main center of the country and holds most attractions that attract thousands and hundreds of tourists from all the nook and corner of the world. Among the many attractions the historical twin Petronas Towers- the tallest building in the world holds the attentions of tourists the most in Kuala Lumpur.

Beside these there are many other exotic destinations to see and explore. So plan your holiday in the beautiful country of South East Asia to treasure cherish experience of lifetime. These days several Malaysia Holiday Packages are made available by the tour operators. Book one of your choices and enjoy holiday in Asia and experience the real charm and beauty of Truly Asia. Surely you will cherish each and every moment treasured here for lifetime time. Take if for Granted…No other destination in Asia can match the beauty of Malaysia.

“Malaysia Truly Asia”

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F1 Holidays In Malaysia

F1 Holidays In Malaysia

Article by Ashley

If you want sheer adventure and never ending fun, Malaysia will definitely be one of the perfect destinations for F1 holidays. Aside from the fact that it offers more holiday options, you will also love the things that are in store for you. A holiday in Malaysia definitely spells fun and adventure and there will never be a dull moment when you are in this superb holiday destination as it is capable of offering you everything you need for your holiday to be worthwhile. The best part about taking a holiday in Malaysia is getting the chance to witness the F1 race live. This is the kind of sports event that you cannot afford to miss because of the sheer pleasure they bring.

Aside from the F1 race you can also visit the national zoo and the Selangor Tropical Fruits garden if you want something more exciting. There are plenty of tourist attractions you can visit in Malaysia specifically in Selangor and you will surely be kept entertained with all the place you can check out. Your F1 holidays will be far from boring if you are in Malaysia because it is considered as the melting pot of cultures. You are not only going to enjoy the kind of relaxation that this place offers but also have more time to bond with your family. You will also meet other F1 enthusiasts and share with the joy of taking part in numerous activities that only F1 holidays in Malaysia can offer.

Another must see sight in Selangor Malaysia is the Carey Island and there are plenty of things to explore in this superb place. Your F1 holidays will not just revolve around watching the game but also be focused mainly on the interesting places that serve as a piece of heaven on earth. You will surely be ecstatic with all these things that F1 holidays can offer. It is something that you just cannot afford to miss.

F1 holidays are perfect for all family members especially to those who want to have exhilarating holidays. You just cannot afford to miss out on the fun and adventure that this type of holiday brings because it can really take your stress away. F1 holidays are not only about witnessing the game live and sharing the excitement and adrenalin rush with the rest of the crowd but also about experiencing a whole new kind of relaxation.

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Holidays in Malaysia Offering You Delight Beyond Limits to Enjoy

Holidays in Malaysia Offering You Delight Beyond Limits to Enjoy

Article by Prashant Kumar

Welcome to Malaysia the most beautiful holidaying destinations in the world. It is blessed with some enigmatic tourist’s destinations, among which the most popular are the Kuala Lumpur (the capital city of Malaysia), Langkawi, Malacca, Kelantan, Penang, Perlis, Sabah and Terenqqanu. These places are festooned with several charming beaches, exotic wildlife parks and sanctuaries packed with flora and fauna, brilliant landscapes, oldest tropical rainforests, towering building and bustling malls, heritage monuments and historical buildings, restaurants and pubs, man-made wonders and many alike. Truly speaking enjoying Malaysia Tour is an experience of lifetime that you will love to cherish forever.

Key Destinations to Visit on Tours to Malaysia Kuala Lumpur The lively capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is one of the most visited destinations in the country. It is the only place in Malaysia where you can see the harmonious blend of the old and the modern culture. Here one can visit to one of the tallest twin towers i.e. Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur Tower, Thean Hou Buddhist Temple, Batu Caves, Malaysia Tourism Center, Taman Tasik Perdana Lake Gardens, KL Bird Park, Sri Mahamariaman Temple, etc. More of all you can enjoy lots of shopping, enjoy and delight in the lip smacking delicacies served in the restaurants, throbbing night life of the pubs and many more.

Melacca Located in the south of Malaysia, Malacca is an old town famous for its exquisite beauty and heritage charm that magnets large number of tourists from all over the world. Melaka River, D-Paradise Melaka, St. Francis Xavier Church, Fomosa Water World, Bukit Cina, Central Museum, Maritime Museum and Baba Nyona Heritage Museum. These places are amazingly beautiful and provide you wonderful opportunity to enjoy time in Melacca on your Tours to Malaysia.

Apart from these there are many other tourism destinations in Malaysia which are also worth to visit and explore. Penang also referred as Pearl of the Orient, Gerogetown, Langkawi the destination with 104 stunning Islands, Kelantan and Central Highlands. Come and enjoy your holidays in Malaysia the most visited holidaying destination in South East Asia and treasure remarkable experience and memories to relish in forever.

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Holidays in Malaysia

Holidays in Malaysia

Article by Simon Johnson

If you’re planning on a holiday in Malaysia this year, you’ll very likely enter a stunning country which is home to spectacular mosques, well-made green spaces and modern skyscrapers. With Kuala Lumpur as its appealing capital, this vibrant country has it all to attract you to it every year.

The following are some of Malaysia’s famous attractions which should not be missed by any tourist who wants to explore the true Malaysia.

Batu Caves

This tourist’s attraction draws a huge number of tourists and visitors holidaying in Malaysia. The caves can prove to be quite an experience especially during the Thiapusam festival.

Petronas towers

Petronas towers are a highly popular tourist attraction visited by a large number of tourists and visitors every year. Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, these are twin towers with an amazing structure that leaves many awestruck. A visit to Malaysia is always considered incomplete without seeing the Petronas twin towers. The sky bridge also presents a view worth capturing during your Malaysian holiday.

Mount Kinabalu

Located in the Borneo region of Malaysia, this tourist attraction is bound to get you enthralled with the beauty and the scenery offered by Mount Kinabalu. When on a holiday in Malaysia, mount Kinabalu acts as a great way to be able to spend some quality time with the family.

Terengganu state museum

For a great Malaysian holiday you must not miss the famous national museum of Malaysia. The museum is not just house to remarkable collections or artifacts, but is also known to be largest museum in whole of Southeast Asia. The museum has rich architectural value and holds different archaeological findings.

Langkawi Island

This island is rich in picturesque views, scenic beauty and Malaysian culture. When holidaying in Malaysia, make sure you visit this huge island for its view, history, beauty, and folklore.

Taman Negara National park

When on a Malaysian holiday with family, you must visit the world’s oldest jungle, spread over an area of 443 square kilometers. The park is a popular tourist attraction and has a lot of green, dense tropical rainforest.

Wayang Kulit

A remarkable shadow-puppet theatre, Wayang Kulit offers rich Malaysian culture and theater art to those holidaying in Malaysia. Best time to visit or holiday in Malaysia

Malaysia is rich with charming beauty and striking tourists attractions and can be visited throughout the year for a memorable Malaysian holiday, but from a tourism point of view the best time to visit would be the months from May to September.

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Holidays in Malaysia- a Memorable Experience

Holidays in Malaysia- a Memorable Experience

Article by David Price

Today’s one of the most popular holiday destinations is Malaysia. Multiplicity of culture, exquisite beaches, spectacular mosques, stylish green spaces and modern skyscrapers are the reasons behind the popularity of Malaysia as a tourists’ attraction. Here follows the vital information about how to get best out of your Malaysia holidays.In Malaysia you will find many alluring things and sights which should not be missed if you want to get the true taste of Malaysia. The capital Kuala Lumpur is such an appealing city which draws a lot of tourists every years. If you wish to spend holidays in Malaysia, you should visit Petronas towersas because without having a visit at these twin towers your holidays will remain incomplete. Your visit to this marvelous construction will really make your holidays memorable. You can also get the view of sky bridge which is also highly popular as a tourist attraction and is visited by a great number of tourists and visitors every year.

Then you can consider Pahang, another largest as well as beautiful city of Malaysia. Wonderful mountains, lovely rain forests, magnificent hill resorts, serene fishing villages, sandy beaches etc have made the city as one of the most wanted tourists spots both for locals and foreigners from all over the world.

Your holidays in Malaysia will be more enjoyable when you visit the exquisite beaches, island and towns of Rawang. It provides not only leisure and relaxation but also you can fill like lapping in the nature and touching it with your soul. Moreover the historical places as well as the cuisine will also make your holidays memorable.

Another appealing attractions is Mount Kinabalu where you will experience a wide range of wildlife including crocodiles, otters, elephants and many more. Not only that, you will also be enthralled with the beauty and the scenery offered by Mount Kinabalu.

Pulau Tioman can also offer a different experience because it is based on the volcanic island where you will get a wide range of water sports, diving spots, jungle treks, cycling, and even, there are places to play some golf over here. And if you want to stay here you will face no problem to manage accommodation because plenty of hotels are available on the coastal rim of this island.

As Malaysia is a multicultural country, your visit will remain ingrained on the mind if you experience many Malaysian holiday celebrations. For example in August, September or October you can observe the celebration of Moon Cake Festival. Or such Muslim holidays as the Hari Raya Aidilfitri,when you can get the chance to meet with the King and Queen of Malaysia personally.

These are a few about the Malaysian culture, heritage, scenic landscape, exotic locations, and the un-spoilt places. So, make a visit to Malaysia and turn your holidays into an enjoyable and memoreble experience.

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